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'Why Grain Free Matters', with bestselling author of The Plant Paradox books,

Dr. Steven R. Gundry,

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Annabelle Lee - California Country Gal
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Hi  y'all!

I'm Annabelle...a simple gal at heart, just tryin' to carve out my little piece o' sunshine in the southern California countryside.  Botox, tofu and wheat are scarce in these parts...and growing up, Mom always said, "Eat the fat 'cause it's GOOD for ya!"  Yep, Mom was right. 


I also believe that nature designed birds to digest grains, just as cows are designed to eat grass, and lions designed to hunt prey.  Humans, on the other hand, are designed to eat 'real human food'...whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and, if desired, small amounts of fish, meat and eggs, all grown and raised free, without the use of chemicals. 


And starch?  That's best used to stiffen shirt collars, not as an ingredient in the foods we eat.  Refined starches and flours elevate blood sugar and can give us what we refer to as...a 'Starch Belly'

From my youth as a tomboy, running around the avocado groves, to working as a fashion model in the Big Apple, to raising four boys (and a husband :) I've managed what doctors refer to as 'auto-immune symptoms'.  Because healthy food and wellness has become an important part of my life, it's what I most enjoy sharing with YOU!  

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"Silly people...grains are for the birds!"