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Dr Kellyann Petrucci
"Shout out to #RealBread from California Country Gal!

This bread is absolutely incredible!!!! Thank you so much for sending—my boys absolutely devoured their sandwiches made with the sandwich bread and went sideways over the cinnamon rolls!

(As I said on my recent segment on Dr. Mehmet Oz's show... you DONT have to break up with bread if it's the right bread.)  This bread is super clean: dairy, wheat, grain, GMO free, paleo approved, low carb and sugar free. #paleo #lowcarb #bread"
Dr, Kellyann Petrucci  
New York Times Best Selling Author of Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet and Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Cookbook

"I picked up a Paleo Baguette at Baron's Marketplace in Wildomar. Oh. Wow. For someone who hasn't eaten anything but coconut paleo bread and almond paleo bread for going on three years ~ WHAT a treat! Need it. Want it. Must have it. Fanfreakin'tastic. Well done!"

           Gina, California

"My family loves this bread! Can we buy it sliced? My eleven yr. old daughter thinks it tastes better than white bread!"      


            Michelle, California


"All I have to say is wow.  I have been paleo for about 4 years now and that is the best cinnamon 
roll I have ever made by a long shot.  I told our owner we HAVE to get this from you guys to sell in
our shop, sampled some out to a few of our gluten free customers, and they loved it as well."  
manager at

 Ryan Brothers Coffee, California                


"I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how thankful I am to have found your products!  I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes exactly one month ago.  I have three boys ranging from 2-15 years old and knowing I might not be able to share important moments in their lives with them without a change in lifestyle really scared me.  As the primary cook in the family, I knew I could turn things around with our diet.  I started with your hamburger bun recipe and that has really made it easy for me on grill-out days (brats, turkey burgers and such are not the same if they aren't in bun).  Knowing the bread-based products I am using is made with real foods and won't cause a large "spike" in my blood sugar is amazing!  Plus, for Father's Day, I was able to make the Very Vanilla Cupcakes with the Milk Chocolate Icing and LOVED IT!  Best cupcakes I've ever made! Know that what you are doing really helps people like me adjust to a new, healthy, lifelong diet and in turn improve the lives of those around us.  Anyway, I cannot wait for your newer e-books to come out!   


Ryan, H., Minnesota


"I just brought your French bread at EAT! I am in love! I just decided I cannot live without it at my house! Lol pregnancy cravings wanted me to dip bread In olive oil like I used to do! This is amazing! Another great product you guys!!!!"     


             Jessi, California 

I have just eaten the lightest, prettiest, most delicious waffle EVER!  It was so good I had to bother my sister to tell her how good it was!  Just butter and some syrup...it was so light I had to hold it down to the plate with Something!  Thanks, in a word, for a great product." 

                 Pete,  Dallas

"Just wanted to tell you this is by far the best gf bread ever!!! Bought only half a loaf to try and I was so bummed I didn't buy more...the best!"  


             Alicia, California 


"I just had to come here and tell you I ordered several of your bread mixes a couple of months ago, but had yet to try them because of just trying to get back on track. Well I cooked some deer meat tonight and couldn't stand it, so made the "rolls" version of your recipe. They were so wonderful and so great to dip in the "cream" gravy!  Bless you and thank you!!!"      

                      Beth, Texas


"Hello, I was at the store last night in Temecula, and the woman who actually makes this bread saw me looking at bread in the freezer aisle. We talked for a while, and I decided I would give this bread a try. I told her I've tried other paleo type breads before and they tasted like dirt. I have to say that this bread is SO SO Good! Even though it's a little expensive, I'm going to keep buying it because in my mind it is worth the price.  Thank you for your help!!"      

           Heather, California

"The absolutely BEST grain free bread in the history of the world!! Rock star good and so versatile!"   


          Christy, Georgia

"Your bread is awesome!"    

                   Bonnie C.

"Made pizza crust with it for the first time last night. I've tried several and finally a wheat belly pizza crust we like!"     

                Judy, Canada

           "Sooooo delicious!"     

           Virginia, Oklahoma

"I love this mix!  Everything I've made so far has been so delicious and satisfying (not to mention each recipe is very simple and easy to make).  With my multiple food sensitivities, the bread is a real treat for me.  I was surprised to find that not only could I tolerate this bread, but it makes me feel GOOD.  There aren't many treats I could say that about nor that I would allow myself to eat regularly, but this is certainly one of them (my digestion has actually improved since I've started eating this).  I'm really glad to have found this versatile little mix, and I can't wait to try more of the recipes.     You can count me in as a regular customer!"  

              Maryam, Maryland

 "We made the best flatbread today at Ryan Bros. with your dough!!!! So good!!!!!!!!"      
              Sonia M.


"Just tried this bread today. Fantastic!!!"     

                   Michele G.


"Incredibly delicious soft sandwich bread that is free of grains, dairy, yeast, soy, starch and sugars."     

          E.A.T. Marketplace 

Old Town Temecula, California


"Wow! Shared the bread I made with my friends at my studio last Friday evening. They liked it very much - so much that one friend is ordering some for herself."    

                Karen, Ohio

"Just made your grain free pizza!!! Awesome;)"        

        Mandie, South Carolina

"Easy and delicious bread and rolls. We love the product and highly recommend it."   

          Pat, Palm Springs

"Your bread is so much better than your rival bread company also from SoCal. Your bread does not feel like a ton of bricks in the tummy!"     

            Marcie, California 


EVERY YEAR at NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO WEST, editors and trend researchers from New Hope Natural Media and Sterling-Rice Group scour the show floor to find the products and brands they predict will shape the future of the natural products industry. The best of the best receive NEXTY nominations, which recognize the companies that embody not only the most innovative edge of the natural products industry, but also its deeply held social and environmental values.
We were proud to receive this nomination in 2015 under our original brand Jackalope Good Food Company.

"Silly people... grains are for the birds!"

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