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Raising four hungry boys to become healthy, strapping young men, meant as their mother, I spent plenty of time in the kitchen. I've learned that many grains (not just wheat) can often be contaminated and problematic for humans. I also learned that excess starches (commonly found in gluten-free and grain-free foods) can raise blood-sugar and promote weight gain, while resistant starches are digested more like a prebiotic fiber. These are some of the reasons I am so mindful of my ingredient choices, preferring more nutrient dense and higher quality 'real foods' as the staples in my kitchen. I also refuse to compromise when it comes to delicious and familiar tastes and textures my family loves!


My hubby, Tom (known in these parts as Animal;) is my very happy taste-tester so he encouraged me to share my discoveries and recipes. Now, my hope is to make life a little easier, healthier and more delicious for YOU & YOUR FAMILY!

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More of our Story...Just about 20 years ago, we moved our family of four young men from the city to the southern California countryside.  Here, amongst the population of coyotes, roadrunners, rattlesnakes, tarantulas and jackalopes we built our farmhouse and began baking Real Bread!  It's been a wild ride and we've loved every minute of it, well...almost every minute;)  

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Grain-Free Cookbook
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Along the way we learned a few things... like how to build our little farmhouse and lots of 'out buildings' using our own resources (mostly a few teenage muscles).  We learned all about home schooling and independent studies. 

We put up a five acre fence line (on very rocky terrain), acquired an entire pack of dogs, and learned about raising chickens, goats and a piggy...and NO, he won't become bacon!

We learned about planting and caring for fruit trees and vegetable gardens and irrigation. We've learned about water wells, septic systems (the place where the poop goes!) and solar energy. 

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We've even learned how to drive a tractor, shoot a rifle and skin a rattlesnake (won't be doin' that again).  So, it's truly been an interesting couple of decades!

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Over the years I've gained a few wrinkles and couldn't seem to decide on my best hair color, but I always loved eating and baking with, what I call, a little healthy 'California twist'.  So, it was super exciting when my newest cookbook, The Ultimate Grain-Free Cookbook was published!  Eating this way has greatly enhanced my health, as I've been managing what doctors call 'auto-immune' symptoms for years.

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Now, our Real Breads are baked for the food service industry (restaurants, hospitals, etc.) and you can find our Baking Mixes for sale on amazon, across the USA, and in Canada online at

We are working hard to 'scale' our business in hopes you'll find us in your local markets soon.  You can help us make that happen by taking This Form to your local store manager.  

We SO appreciate your support....many blessings to you and yours!

California Country Gal


We Believe LIFE should be Simple, Easy, Healthy & Delicious!

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