B A K I N G  M I X E S

N UT R I T I O N A L     I N F O R M A T I O N

Updated  4-1-2020

PLEASE NOTE: This nutritional information is based on the Dry Mix Only. When adding eggs/egg whites and vinegar, the nutritional values change slightly.  Finished breads from a single mix, such as 10 Hamburger Buns equals approx 5-7 net carbs per whole bun. A thin slice of baked Sandwich Bread equals only 2 net carbs. The carbs in a Cinnamon Roll will vary more based upon the type of sweetener you use and the finished size you portion each roll.
Sandwich Bread Mix Front Pkg 1-23-20.png
Rustic Bread Mix Front Pkg 1-23-20.png
Hamburger Bun Mix Front Pkg 1-23-20.png
Cinnamon Roll Mix Front Pkg 1-23-20.png
Allergen statement:  Contains almonds and coconuts. 
This mix is processed in a facility that also contains wheat and peanuts.

PLEASE NOTE:  Each batch of baking mix is manufactured on a sterilized gluten free line and third party tested at under <10ppm for gluten.  However, we do not yet produce our products in a certified gluten free facility. 

All of our baking mixes use the same REAL FOOD ingredients and are packaged as:  Sandwich Bread, Rustic Breads, Hamburger Bun, and Cinnamon Roll, with each to include easy directions on the back of package for these 4 recipes.
You may also use any of the four mixes to make a variety of ADDITIONAL RECIPES HERE

*NOTE: Cassava flour and tapioca starch come from the root of the cassava plant, which naturally contains cyanide compounds, toxic to humans and animals unless highly processed.  For this reason, and its starch content, we choose not to use it as an ingredient in our baking mixes.    For more information...just google it.