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Grab your Blender & some REAL Whole Foods get ready to be Ahhh-Mazed! 

Here's some of what to expect in The Ultimate Grain-Free Cookbook...

Cheesey Biscuitss

 Chocolate Cake

Brunch Puffs

Vanilla Cake

Buttery Pretzles

Lasagna Pasta

Blender Jams

Sweet Yam Gnocchi


Rocky Road Cookies

Best White Bread

Carrot Cake

Lavendar Honey Cake

Veggie Wraps

Butter Crackers

Eggplant Pasta

Pecan Cookies

Dumplings & Broth

No-Cheese Crackers

Masa Tortillas

Anything Bagels

Fermented Ketchup

German Chocolate Cake

Coconut Cream Pie

No-Oatmeal Cookies

Coconut Cake

Spinach Wraps

Naughty Fried Donuts

Peanut Banana Pie

No-Sugar Cookies

Fruit Pie

Fluffy Pancakes

Whoopee Pies

Sour Cream Biscuits

Seed Crackers

Red Velvet Cake

Cinnamon Bread

Gnocchi & Brussels

Deep Dish Pizza

Chocolate Cream Pie

Hummingbird Cake

Salsa Wraps

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