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More about Life in the California Countryside...     


Growing up in Southern California, I was a scruffy, mostly barefoot little tomboy and the youngest of four children.  As you can see by the photo below, the fashion bug bit me at about age 14, however, at 18 I married a small town trouble maker with lots of hair and started poppin' out kids.  We spent a few years in Los Angeles and nearly a decade in New York City, where I  posed as a glamorous model (which never quite appealed to the 'tomboy' in me).  After son #4 was born, and several stops later, we landed ourselves in the country, which suits us better than city life ever did.  Still, I wouldn't trade those fun, sweaty days on the subway or the harrowing cab rides through the city for anything!

little boy on rock
a young Annabelle Lee
Tom and Annabelle Lee with son Josh

More than twenty years ago, we moved our family of four young men from city to suburbia and finally to the southern California countryside.  Here we basically worked our fingers to the bone, stretched our budget well beyond comfort (I'm talkin' beans 'n wieners and nearly a squirrel or two), kept our children isolated from their friends and, in general, annoyed each other to the best of our ability.  It has been one fun adventure!!

Annabelle Lee with family
Lee boys with dogs

I know we look semi-normal here (the one with the 80's-style furry lip is Dad) but wait 'til you see what ten years of hard labor can do to ya!

Along the way we learned a few things... like how to build our 3 story home and lots of 'out buildings' using our own resources (mostly a few teenage muscles).  We learned all about home schooling and independent studies.  We put up a five acre fence line (on very rocky terrain), acquired an entire pack of dogs, and learned about raising chickens, goats and a piggy...and NO, we will never eat him!  We learned about planting and caring for fruit trees and vegetable gardens and irrigation.  We've learned about water wells, septic systems (the place where the poop goes!) and solar energy.  We've learned how to drive a tractor, shoot a rifle and skin a rattlesnake (won't be doin' that again).  So, I admit, it's also been an interesting decade!

Annabelle Lee working on house
building the Lee house
Lee boys working with concrete

And now, after all these years of country life, that cute little family pictured above looks more like prison escapees.  So, all you country-folk-wanna-be's, don't say I didn't warn ya!  Mind you, it's not a mistake that I'm nowhere to be seen in the picture below ;)

Tom Lee with four sons

America's Most Wanted?  No, it's just my family!

With that crazy decade over with, I've turned to another passion of mine, which is my love of creating delicious meals and baked goods with, what I call, a little healthy 'California twist'.  Eating this way has greatly enhanced my health, as I have been managing what doctors call 'auto-immune' symptoms for years.  Because my passion also includes a desire to share my discoveries, we began baking our Real Bread for the food service industry (restaurants, hospitals, etc.) and are hoping they will be available in stores soon!  You can find our Baking Mixes for sale on amazon, across the USA, in Canada at, and now in Central America!

My newest cookbook, The Ultimate Grain Free Cookbook, is available nationwide in bookstores and on amazon, where you can also find my first book, Sweet Secrets!

My Books (1).png

Soon, we hope you'll find our mixes in your local markets.  Please help us make that happen by taking

This Form to your local store manager.  We SO appreciate your support!  Many blessings to you and yours!

We Believe LIFE should be Simple, Easy, Healthy & Delicious
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