Lazy Gal's Blender Gravy

Yup, I admit, I can be a bit on the lazy side, so de-glazing pans, scraping brown bits, making a flour roux, and whisking the lumps from refined starches just don’t happen in my kitchen anymore. But that’s okay because this gravy tastes like I made it that old-fashioned way!

We're also big on getting more raw foods in our belly so while this would be considered more of a semi-raw recipe, at least the veggies aren't all cooked to death.

Makes about 2 cups/double or triple the recipe for a crowd

INGREDIENTS 1 cup stock, veggie or bone broth 1 small, yellow or white sweet potato (raw or cooked) 1 carrot, peeled 1 celery stalk ½ small onion ¼ cup butter Salt and pepper to taste Garlic powder and your favorite herbs (thyme, sage, and so on-optional)

DIRECTIONS 1. Heat the broth in a small saucepan until almost boiling. 2. While the broth heats, rough chop the vegetables and add everything else to your blender. 3. Pour the broth into the blender, let rest a minute, and blend on high until smooth and velvety.

4. Adjust the seasonings, or add more liquid if needed. If you like thicker gravy, toss in a little coconut, sweet potato, or almond flour instead of a starch.

Note: The color of broth you use will affect the color of the gravy. For Southern “Red Eye” gravy, try using coffee instead of stock and adding a generous shot of hot sauce.

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