Farmhouse Stuffing

November 10, 2017


Making dishes ahead of time and freezing them until Thanksgiving makes life so much easier. This stuffing is simple and freezes great.  It's a basic recipe and is yummy as is or with all kinds of add-ins from mushrooms to fennel or even oysters if you like that twist. I usually stick with dried fruits and nuts, but you can follow your heart, or taste buds :)  This recipe is also quick and easy enough to make it a weeknight side dish any time of the year. For the best stuffing results see the notes below the recipe.





Makes about 12 servings




6 cups grain free bread and/or corn bread crumbs (I pulse slices from our baked loaf in the food processor)

2 cups broth (veggie, chicken or bone)

1 small onion 

2 stalks celery