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Welcome to Team California Country Gal!

If you love our products and enjoy sharing us with your friends and family, and on your social platforms, this is the program for you! Simply sign up and we'll email you your unique Log in and Discount Code. Each time a customer uses your *Discount Code on our website they will receive a 10% discount off their order and can then sign up for additional discounts through our Loyalty Program. You will then be paid (through Paypal) 20% of the order they placed. It's that simple! You can track your sales on your personal Affiliate Portal page and see if you qualify for additional perks!
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Sign up to get Started
Make sure you have a Paypal account
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Use your Unique Log in Here
We're so happy to work with you!
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Track your Sales
Qualify for Free Products
and other perks!
*Coupon Codes are Limited to one use per customer
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