Omg!  I'm going to be brutally honest here....I had a rough day today!  Does anyone care?  I know, waah, waah, waaaaahh!   Besides, nothin' a good loaf of Real Bread won't cure, right?

Then, as I'm sulking around, kickin' the dogs (NO! I would never!) and snappin' at Animal (well, he fights back better than the dogs). 

Then I remembered I almost had a perfectly delicious and nutritious loaf of Grain-free Sandwich Bread in an earlier experiment!

Almonds and Eggwhites make a light colored loaf, or... Walnuts or Hazelnuts make a nice, darker loaf!

Surely, with just a tweak or two, I could turn it into the perfection of my dreams!

Weeell, let's just say the kitchen (and me) have not yet recovered!  So, my dears, this post is finding you rather late this Friday evening.  I hope someone out there is awake to celebrate with me!

This Bread meets all the right criteria:  Easy, Quick, Sturdy, Pliable, Mild-tasting, Healthy and DELICIOUS!


Here, I was almost out of Almonds, so I substituted 1/2 C of Walnuts and this time the bread came out looking rather like 'Whole Grain Wonder Bread', IS Wonder Bread!  You'll 'wonder' how on Earth this tastes so good and holds together so well and WHY you would EVER bake the old traditional gluten-free way again (you know, with all those grains, flour blends and starches)!


It's plenty sturdy to hold sandwiches


without crumbling or falling apart!

And nice and pliable... you don't have to be all dainty-like when you're munching it!


See how good it holds together?

Perfect to the last yummy bite! 

You won't want to split your sandwich with anyone!  


This unique recipe is my one-of-a-kind Masterpiece I lovingly share with you!  As well as my mishaps...

Over-proofed Bread with too much leavening!

Flat, unrisen Bread from baking in a too wide and shallow pan!

It's nice and moist, so I like to slice it and lay small pieces of paper towel between each slice and keep it in the fridge for a few days, if it's not all eaten the first day!

This Bread Recipe is made in your blender using Real Foods and will be included
 in my New Book due out in Spring 2015

Until then, please try my Bread Mix!